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Monday, June 6, 2016

Final 10 Days!


So today we went to the Zoo again! They had this new Sea Lion Exhibit! I got some fun pics with the sea lions.

I'm doing well, just the same regular patterns of missionary work.

However it is very strange realizing that next week this phase and section of my life will come to a close. I'm feeling ready though.

I wish I had a lot more to say but I don't. Sorry about that. With this whole "going home" thing my mind draws a blank on what to say now... I'm not sure my mind is fully aware that these 2 years really are coming to a close.

I'll work on putting together a final blog post summarizing my thoughts about the past two years, I'll have that posted etiher next week or the week I get home.

But at least I sent some pictures this week!

This week will be a great one, I assume the final week of a mission is both difficult and exciting.

See ya'll in 10 days!

Elder Dearden

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  1. Cool pictures! We'll be happy to see you soon =)