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Monday, May 30, 2016

Shortest Blog Ever...........................

Well.... ya... my ipad....it um....it's gone :/

I figured the best way to respond is to laugh and not let it annoy me. I think i've learned my lesson not to sit things on top of cars...ever. 

But outside of my ipad being destroyed, i'm doing great! 

Things are still moving forward well here!

I'm not Trunky right now, but I'm Ready, I'm ready to move forward with the future. 

The weather was really rainy last week, had a storm come in over the weekend. But we were able to remain productive.

I've made so many great friends here in South Carolina, one thing I am super excited to do is to have free access to communication to all the great people i've met out here! It will be fun to get in contact with lots of people I've met out here when I Get home.

Sorry I don't have to much to say today!

Elder Dearden

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