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Monday, May 16, 2016

Exploding Trees, A Rainbow, and Pull Up Your Zipper!

 Well, last week was the week of Friday the 13th, so I guess that was a reason for crazy stuff to happen!

On Thursday we had a huge thunderstorm, while we were sitting in the cottage we had a lightening strike a tree only 15 yards from our house, the side of the tree basically exploded and bark went everywhere. The whole room turned silver and the boom was really loud I felt it in my ears. Our landlords wife was hit through the phone line, but she was fine. After the storm I got a nice picture of a full rainbow...I've attached pictures of the rainbow and the tree that blew

But Elder Wilkes and I are doing great, we have been working really hard. The weather has been really nice besides the crazy storm last week.

Today is my Dad's birthday and also marks me having only 1 month until I get home! May16th - June 16th!

I have a funny parable to share with y'all today.
This was a thought that was shared in sacrament meeting about a month ago, actually was a true story that a member shared.

A young boy gets on the school bus and while stepping in, the driver says "boy, your zipper is down!".
The boy reacts embarrassed and slumps to the back of the bus and has a red face. A second boy gets on the bus and while stepping in, the driver also notices that his zipper is down and says "boy, your zipper is down!".
This boy responds "hey thanks!" He quickly pulls his zipper up and bounces to the back without being upset.

The point of this story is to ask ourselves this question, "How do I
react when I am corrected or when the Lord points out something in my
life that should change?"

How do we react when our zipper is down? Embarrassed? Or do we just
laugh, smile, and pull our zipper up?

Lots of the time we just need to move on without being embarrassed or
upset, just pull your zipper up!

Haha, I liked the analogy.


Anyway's Y'a'll be good!

Elder Dearden


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