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Monday, May 2, 2016

Be the Copilot


I don't have much to say this week... Sorry. 

Elder Whittaker is being transferred this Wednesday, shocked both of us, didn't see that coming. Really Strange on my part, because my two previous comps only lasted a transfer each. 

So, I'll be getting a new companionthis week. I'm excited to find out who!

The weather here has been nice most of the previous week, the humidity has returned though....not to happy about that. But for the most part i've enjoyed the spring weather. I'm rather excited to breathe dry air when I get home!

Kim Hosking, a great friend of mine, sent an email to me that had a quote from a board outside of a church in Idaho. I liked the thought!

"If the Lord is the copilot of your life...
You might consider trading Him places! "

I liked the visual! Sometimes we only let Him be the Copilot and only allow him to direct our life "when we feel like it". Rather we should Always allow Him to command the course of our life, and we can be there as the Copilot to learn how to fly!

Anyways, life goes rolling on!

This is my final transfer and I hope to make the best of it! 

Elder Dearden

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