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Monday, May 9, 2016



Well, another transfer has passed, and I'm now on my final and last
transfer. Elder Whittaker left the area and is now in Marion, SC. He
is with one of my former companions Elder Pace.

My new Companion is Elder Wilkes! He's still pretty fresh, only been
out 3 months. I'm his second companion. We have some fun connections,
He served in Summerville 3rd ward his first 3 months, in the same area
I was in last year! He got to know one of my favorite families, Bobbi
and Ed, and their kids! We have had a good time talking about that
ward and all the great things that happen there! In fact, Elder Wilkes
was there when Danny, Ed's Boy, was baptized! It's fun how transfers
move in circles sometimes!

Anyways, Elder Wilkes is from the big island in Hawaii! He lived there
most of his life. But his Family is originally from Utah. So he's
white....doesn't look like he's from Hawaii, haha!

So when Elder Wilkes was serving in Summerville 3rd ward, he had lots
of people tell him that he looked like me....which was kinda funny! So
he heard a lot about me before he came here, and we thought it was so
funny that we got put together after everyone in Summerville was
saying that we looked alike! After arriving here in Lugoff, we've had
several people tell us we look alike haha!

Anyways, here is a pic, what do you think? I think we look kinda similar.

We've kept really busy here! We bike about 20 miles a day, which wears
me down, helps me sleep good at night!

I don't have to much else to say, but I hope ya'll's week goes well!

Elder Dearden

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