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Monday, April 11, 2016

Beautiful Time of Year!

The weather here has been beautiful! I'm so glad that the one time that I have to bike is during the Spring in the south! Everything is really colorful right now, flowers are blooming everywhere. 

So, we have had some great things happen again this week, we picked up a new investigator named Brantley who came to church yesterday! He is only 10yrs old, and his parents are members. But he came to church yesterday and loved it!

We are still teaching Nick, but he has been busy the past week and we didn't get to have an official lesson. 

The members here in this area are amazing, we had 3 dinners last week where we ate with active families and they invited their nonmember friends, and they all went really well. 

My Mom sent me pics of the place I'll be staying in for school this fall, which was strange for me to see! I cant believe that part of my life is just around the corner. 

I've been calling this phase of my mission the sunset phase, yes, it is the end, but the sight is beautiful! When I reflect on all the past experiences I've had here, I feel so blessed to have been in South Carolina for 22 moths at this point! I love the South! I'm certainly not worthy to be called a Southerner, but right now I'll call this place my second home!

I have some pics for ya  -

I'm doing really well, I don't have to much to say on the blog today, other than life is good, and I'm excited for this week, it will be great. 

Ya'll be good

Elder Dearden

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  1. I am very jealous of your nice weather Elder Dearden, is so beautiful!