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Monday, March 21, 2016

Missionary Math

Well, one unfortunate thing I have observed about a mission is the
following equation:

Missionary + Feeling comfortable = Transfer
Missionary + Struggles = Stay there until you figure it out

Well, my Equation looked like this the past 7 weeks....

Elder Dearden + Elder Jeffs + Congaree + Awesome members + Beautiful
weather + Great memories = TRANSFER TIME

I'm quite saddened, it's crazy how attached you get to people and
places. I'm not to thrilled to be leaving, but I trust that the Lord
has something prepared for me to go figure out and learn.

The members in the ward were relying on me to do all the Easter
Music... Primary, Organ, Ward Chior, special #s. I had practiced most
of the songs, but I guess the Lord had other plans. They have been
scrambling to find someone to fill in for me, I think they found
someone in the stake that will be able to.

I have some pics this week of some awesome people...

Sister Ta'la
Sister Basset
Sister Strange

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  1. I love your missionary math Elder Dearden! :'( Music won't be the same without you!