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Monday, March 28, 2016


Sister Watson
My Goodness! So much has happened!
I'm so sad that I'm no longer in Congaree! I LOVED THAT PLACE! THE
I'll go through the pictures that I took there before I left

The First is with Sister Watson, I will miss her so much! She did so
much for me! She called herself, "the mission elf!" She really was
such an amazing blessing in my life!  

This is a funny selfie with Sister Watson and her friend Sister Hurley, with Elder Jeffs and I.  Again, I will always remember these people, SO MUCH FUN!

We are dinner with Brian after his daughters soccer game on PDay.  I'm definitely going to miss Brian so much!  I love his family!

This is Bishop Rocco Del Priorie!  He is amazing! A man who I will look to as an example for a long time!  He was such a fantastic Bishop!

Anyways, Now I'm in Lugoff! It's about 40 minutes away from my previous area!
I'm with Elder Whitaker, he's from Spanish Fork Utah. He's about my
height, so It helps and makes me look less short haha!

We live in a little cottage, it's pretty nice! It's fun to have a
little home like this.

I can't believe it is my Birthday, I don't like the idea of being 20
yrs old now! FREAKY!

We have a McDonalds about 5 minutes walking distance from our place,
so that is super nice!

Unfortunately we don't have a car, and we have to bike everywhere. The
good side is the weather is amazing and it feels great to bike! There
is so much potential in this area. I only have 80 days here, so we
will see what happens! I hope to make the best of it!

I miss Elder Jeffs a lot! I'm happy though that we get to see each
other again when we go home! It will come so fast!


Elder Dearden

Elder Whitaker and I

Our Southern Cottage 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Missionary Math

Well, one unfortunate thing I have observed about a mission is the
following equation:

Missionary + Feeling comfortable = Transfer
Missionary + Struggles = Stay there until you figure it out

Well, my Equation looked like this the past 7 weeks....

Elder Dearden + Elder Jeffs + Congaree + Awesome members + Beautiful
weather + Great memories = TRANSFER TIME

I'm quite saddened, it's crazy how attached you get to people and
places. I'm not to thrilled to be leaving, but I trust that the Lord
has something prepared for me to go figure out and learn.

The members in the ward were relying on me to do all the Easter
Music... Primary, Organ, Ward Chior, special #s. I had practiced most
of the songs, but I guess the Lord had other plans. They have been
scrambling to find someone to fill in for me, I think they found
someone in the stake that will be able to.

I have some pics this week of some awesome people...

Sister Ta'la
Sister Basset
Sister Strange

Monday, March 14, 2016

Gone Fishing

Hey people!

Last week was fun!

So pday last week, we went to Sister Watsons property and did some fishing. I haven't ever really done that, but it was fun! The weather was perfect and she has a nice pond in the woods to just chill at! 
Here are some pics:

Brian told us this week that his family from Texas will fly out in April, so that his Brother can Baptize him. We are very excited for that. 

So Im doing a musical number with some sister missionaries this week for Zone Conference. I'm excited for that, maybe I can get a video and send it to ya'll. 

In South Carolina, a weird thing happens every spring, because of the heavy vegetation, we experience a TON of pollen. Everything has a yellow powder coving it. It don't have allergic reactions thank goodness! But lots of people too. IT makes me sneeze and it gets in my eyes sometimes, but it usually only lasts about 2 weeks. I can't remember if I told ya'll about that last year, but it's weird everything turns yellow for a while.

We are still meeting lots of people and I'm always excited to see who the Lord will leads us to each week. 

I hope ya'll have a fantastic week.

Elder Dearden

Monday, March 7, 2016



Well, When I ask Siri how much time I have left, she says 101 days. That's freaky. 

I'm loving it here, Elder Jeffs and I are teaching a lot and having lots of success finding new people. 

I feel like I'm starting to run out of things to say each week...
Our mission is changing the policy on eating dinners with Members, starting in April we will no longer be eating dinners with active members, unless they have an investigator there too. I know there will be some members out here that will struggle with that, but we are going forward trusting that the Lord was behind this decision. 

Last week for pday, I painted a King Tut statue, it turned out really nice! I'm addicted to ceramics now. 

Lately my mind has been thinking about the Sacrament Prayers, and the special meaning found in the word "Willing".

Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking that each week we promise to be perfect. Sometimes when we hear "Keep his commandments", we sense the great pressure of the first law of heaven, "Obedience". But Christ knows that we have all fallen short for the First law, which is to be perfect, or the Law of Obedience, they are one in the same. We all fall short of exact obedience, the only one who has successfully done that is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ offers to us a covenant each week, he promises to send His spirit to help us if we "witness that we are willing". We can each evaluate ourselves each Sabbath by asking ourselves if we truly are "willing". That has never meant that we plan on being perfect that week, but it has always mean that we plan on Trying

The Sacrament means so much more to me as I have remembered Jesus Christ and his Mercy. He promises us that if we just move forward with a Willing Heart, we will have His spirit and we will become better, one step at a time. 
When the Lord declared the first Law of Heaven to be "obedient". He was setting for us the standard that would be our goal, it is the same law as when he said, "Be ye therefore perfect". He only expects us at this time to be "willing". 

I have personally felt a increase of my awareness of the Holy Ghost as I have focused on my 'willingness'. 

A common southern phrase to finish with
"Ya'll be good"

Elder Dearden

The photo was taken before the flag was removed.  It was given to me by another Elder.