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Monday, February 22, 2016

Happy With Life

Brother Deloach 
Hello people!

So last week started off really cold, and we got our car back finally.

But this weekend it got really warm again, one day it hit 70....so it has been super nice! It's raining right now, but I like the rain, it's refreshing.

Elder Jeffs and I are working hard and really enjoying each other! 

Last week we were meeting with Bro Deloach, and he bought an accordion from a pawn shop, it was pretty nice, I was fiddling with it trying to learn how to play it, I thought it was fun.

I'm still playing the organ in Church, I have lots of people tell me how much they enjoy it, It's fun to play music when you know people are appreciative of it. I know all my companions except Elder Parker were piano and organ exhausted after being with me because I have to play them each pday :D.

Can I just say that this Congaree ward is amazing! They Get the
picture, I love the bishop, we're good buddies now and the whole ward
loves him.

It's amazing to see the impact his leadership has on the people.

I'm happy with life, things are going well here!

Elder Dearden

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