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Monday, February 15, 2016

Fast Week


This last week just went faster than any week I have seen yet. 

So, some Sister Missionaries in Columbia are having car problems, so we had to give them our car until it gets fixed....so we have been traveling by bike and by foot. It has been fun, but cold. The weather has been a bit chilly lately.

Last week during Book of Mormon class with Brian, we had a fantastic discussion about how the lord gives us trials to test our faith. 
We talked about how opposition is a sign from God that we are doing the right thing, and if we persevere we will receive the "witness" after the trial of our faith.

Elder Jeffs birthday was last week, and that was fun! He's 21 now. 

We had interviews with President Turner last friday and that is always fun. I always look forward to talking with him. We discussed the importance of setting realistic goals and how that applies to missionary life and when we get home. 

Have a good week

Elder Dearden

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