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Monday, January 25, 2016

Short But Sweet

I don't have to much to say this week.

Life is good.......I say that all the time, but It's true.

I don't have any pictures! Sorry about that :/

Last week we had the world wide missionary broadcast. I thought it was
good. My favorite was Elder Bednar. He does a great job at conducting
conversations. He does great with keeping things clear. His focus was
on how we help others to have opportunities to receive the Holy Ghost.
He explained that we cannot force others to feel or let the Holy Ghost
into their heart, but our purpose is to create teaching environments
where they have that opportunity.

Elder Brent Nielsen conducted the world training meeting last week,
and he is also flying out here to SC this week. We will be meeting
with him this Friday, so that should be good! I'm excited about that.

I've been listening to the song "Praise to the Man" a lot lately.
There is a unique spirit that I feel when I ponder the role that
Joseph Smith Jr. Played in the unfolding of the last dispensation. I
had a realization that I know my life would not be the same had it not
been for his amazing accomplishments. I am so grateful for the Man

Have a great week!

Elder Dearden

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