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Monday, January 18, 2016


Yesterday we had a regional broadcast for the North American South
East area, it was super cool. Elder Clayton conducted and Elder Hales
presided. We also got to hear from Elder Rasband. It was great,
probably the highlight of the week. Last week was really good for
Elder Pace and I, we taught lots of lessons, the most we ever had
durning our companionship.

I am super excited for the song Sister Hathaway and I will be doing
next week! It sounds so cool!

We went on two exchanges last week, It is always a great experience to
learn from others how to be better. I am feeling really good right
now, things are going so well.

Last week was Elder Ian Swaner's Birthday! (16th) and my Brother Nic's
Birthday! (17th)! So happy birthday!

My thoughts have been directed to Prayer lately, I was pondering what
it means to Pray "in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen".
We know that it is because of the Atonement that we are able to Pray
to Heavenly Father. Without Jesus Christ, we could not communicate
with Heavenly Father because of our fallen nature.

A special thought came to me, to do something in the name of Christ,
is to do it as if you were Him. We take upon us the name of Christ
when we are baptized, promising to live the way he did. I asked
myself, "Do I pray like Jesus Christ?". I imagined that Jesus Christ
came to me, and offered to say a Prayer in my behalf. I then pondered
what he might say if he were to pray for me. What would Christ thank
Heavenly Father for that has happened in my life? What blessings would
Christ pray for me to Receive? What kind of reverence would he show?
How would he discuss my weakness and sins with Heavenly Father? How
would he talk about me in front of Heavenly Father? What kind of
confidence in me would he show? What concerns would he bring up to the
Father about me? What people in my life would he pray for?

Those questions really opened my minds eye. I challenged myself, and I
want to extend that challenge to everyone who reads this, that the
next time you pray, Imagine first what Christ would say if he was
praying in your behalf. Then only Pray for those things that you feel
Christ would pray about for you. The spirit will open your heart and
you will see the Savior through a different perspective. Truly He does
Pray for us, and we can know what He prays about, if we will but
listen to the Spirit. You can only Truly Pray "In the name of Jesus
Christ" if you are Praying as if you are Him. We promised to do this
the day we were baptized, to take upon us His name. Especially in the
temple, we take more completely upon us His name. I hope these
thoughts are useful for some of you.

Have a Fantastic week!
Elder Dearden

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