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Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year!


Last week was an exciting week. Brian has decided to be baptized this month! We are expecting it to happen in about 3 weeks. It always feels amazing when someone agrees to be baptized!

I'm doing great, It was super nice weather last week until suddenly it dropped cold yesterday! I'm ok with it though, I'm glad it stayed warm until January. 

Brother Cookie
I'm really lookin forward this year! Sprinting to the finish line of a mission and transitioning into real life...I bet that will be weird. Being in the last 20% of my mission I feel a strong urgency to work harder and sacrifice more.

Last week we helped a guy named Larry Cook move. Larry is from Utah and he moved out here to help his Sister. He has a cool story! He served his mission in England, and 10 months into his mission an Elder by the name of Jeffry Holland entered the mission field and lived with him in his apartment for a while. They became very good friends and to this day they still talk on the phone all the time. So this is picture of one of Elder Hollands friends. Elder Holland calls him "Cookie"... Brother Cook says Elder Holland lets him call him Jeffry still. There are always cool people to find in this world!

I'm doing great. I'm looking forward to whatever comes in the final months! 2016 is going to be interesting!

Elder Dearden

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