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Monday, January 25, 2016

Short But Sweet

I don't have to much to say this week.

Life is good.......I say that all the time, but It's true.

I don't have any pictures! Sorry about that :/

Last week we had the world wide missionary broadcast. I thought it was
good. My favorite was Elder Bednar. He does a great job at conducting
conversations. He does great with keeping things clear. His focus was
on how we help others to have opportunities to receive the Holy Ghost.
He explained that we cannot force others to feel or let the Holy Ghost
into their heart, but our purpose is to create teaching environments
where they have that opportunity.

Elder Brent Nielsen conducted the world training meeting last week,
and he is also flying out here to SC this week. We will be meeting
with him this Friday, so that should be good! I'm excited about that.

I've been listening to the song "Praise to the Man" a lot lately.
There is a unique spirit that I feel when I ponder the role that
Joseph Smith Jr. Played in the unfolding of the last dispensation. I
had a realization that I know my life would not be the same had it not
been for his amazing accomplishments. I am so grateful for the Man

Have a great week!

Elder Dearden

Monday, January 18, 2016


Yesterday we had a regional broadcast for the North American South
East area, it was super cool. Elder Clayton conducted and Elder Hales
presided. We also got to hear from Elder Rasband. It was great,
probably the highlight of the week. Last week was really good for
Elder Pace and I, we taught lots of lessons, the most we ever had
durning our companionship.

I am super excited for the song Sister Hathaway and I will be doing
next week! It sounds so cool!

We went on two exchanges last week, It is always a great experience to
learn from others how to be better. I am feeling really good right
now, things are going so well.

Last week was Elder Ian Swaner's Birthday! (16th) and my Brother Nic's
Birthday! (17th)! So happy birthday!

My thoughts have been directed to Prayer lately, I was pondering what
it means to Pray "in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen".
We know that it is because of the Atonement that we are able to Pray
to Heavenly Father. Without Jesus Christ, we could not communicate
with Heavenly Father because of our fallen nature.

A special thought came to me, to do something in the name of Christ,
is to do it as if you were Him. We take upon us the name of Christ
when we are baptized, promising to live the way he did. I asked
myself, "Do I pray like Jesus Christ?". I imagined that Jesus Christ
came to me, and offered to say a Prayer in my behalf. I then pondered
what he might say if he were to pray for me. What would Christ thank
Heavenly Father for that has happened in my life? What blessings would
Christ pray for me to Receive? What kind of reverence would he show?
How would he discuss my weakness and sins with Heavenly Father? How
would he talk about me in front of Heavenly Father? What kind of
confidence in me would he show? What concerns would he bring up to the
Father about me? What people in my life would he pray for?

Those questions really opened my minds eye. I challenged myself, and I
want to extend that challenge to everyone who reads this, that the
next time you pray, Imagine first what Christ would say if he was
praying in your behalf. Then only Pray for those things that you feel
Christ would pray about for you. The spirit will open your heart and
you will see the Savior through a different perspective. Truly He does
Pray for us, and we can know what He prays about, if we will but
listen to the Spirit. You can only Truly Pray "In the name of Jesus
Christ" if you are Praying as if you are Him. We promised to do this
the day we were baptized, to take upon us His name. Especially in the
temple, we take more completely upon us His name. I hope these
thoughts are useful for some of you.

Have a Fantastic week!
Elder Dearden

Monday, January 11, 2016

Fun Week in SC

Hey ya'll!

Life is great here! Brian is planning on the 23rd for his baptism, I'm excited for him! It will be a great day.

Last week I got to play the piano at a Hispanic baptism! It was really fun, there were 3 young convert kids getting baptized. They bore the most clear and amazing testimonies I've ever heard come from kids!  They repeated everything in English and Spanish. One of the kids said, (he was 12 yrs old) "I know that I can be just like Jesus, some people tell me I can't, but I know that one day I will be just like him and do what he does!" He had a super amazing understanding of the gospel!

Elder Pace and I found a few new people to teach last week, so we
are excited about that!

I don't really have any pics, except this one, it is a view of our
apartment complex....I like to walk outside in the morning and look
and the palm trees, peaceful.

Elder Bret Nielson of the Seventy will be visiting our mission on the
29th. I'm going to do a special musical number with Sister Hathaway.
She has an amazing voice and we are writing an arrangement of the
baptism songs from the primary hymn book, using the cannon
progression, changing the melody. I'll send a video of it when we
finish putting it together. It's going to be great.

Elder Parker hit his year mark last week! I can't believe it has
already been 1 year! Elder Pace came out with Elder Parker and Elder
Scarff, so 3 of my companions had their year mark last week! Crazy!
And I only have 5 months left?! Ahh!

I love ya'll and hope that you all have a fantastic week!

Elder Dearden
Took this picture this morning!

Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year!


Last week was an exciting week. Brian has decided to be baptized this month! We are expecting it to happen in about 3 weeks. It always feels amazing when someone agrees to be baptized!

I'm doing great, It was super nice weather last week until suddenly it dropped cold yesterday! I'm ok with it though, I'm glad it stayed warm until January. 

Brother Cookie
I'm really lookin forward this year! Sprinting to the finish line of a mission and transitioning into real life...I bet that will be weird. Being in the last 20% of my mission I feel a strong urgency to work harder and sacrifice more.

Last week we helped a guy named Larry Cook move. Larry is from Utah and he moved out here to help his Sister. He has a cool story! He served his mission in England, and 10 months into his mission an Elder by the name of Jeffry Holland entered the mission field and lived with him in his apartment for a while. They became very good friends and to this day they still talk on the phone all the time. So this is picture of one of Elder Hollands friends. Elder Holland calls him "Cookie"... Brother Cook says Elder Holland lets him call him Jeffry still. There are always cool people to find in this world!

I'm doing great. I'm looking forward to whatever comes in the final months! 2016 is going to be interesting!

Elder Dearden