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Monday, December 7, 2015

Funerals, Birds, and Hallelujahs!

Hello people!

I'm doing fantastic! Things are just going great. Our investigators are still doing great. I'm so happy to see their progress.

This past week I was able to play the piano and organ a bunch. The First time was for a funeral, I was called last minute to play a special music number and do the organ for the meeting. It was fun, the Sister in the ward I did the musical number with, Sister Bergivin, had an amazing voice. We did, "How Great thou art". 

2 weeks ago I forgot to write about this experience I had....So I got a phone call from another bishop in the stake, he heard that I played the organ and piano, he said he had a member that was having a funeral for her son, who was not a member. I told him I would play for the service. Well, this funeral was an African American Funeral....The bishop and us were the only white people there. The mother of the man who died was the only member in the family, so none of those who attended were members. She had invited her sons pastor to also speak at the funeral. So our bishop presided and conducted the meeting, but we had a baptist pastor speak...haha. It was very interesting. Lets just say there were hands in the air, shouts of priase, AMEN! AMEN! Hallelujah! President Turner has a policy that we don't attend other churches, so this was a weird experience, because it was an LDS funeral service, but included baptist elements! Haha, I will never forget it. I just sat there and smiled at the congregation, I didn't know how to react! But it makes for a great story.

Yesterday I played for Sacrament again, but I also was asked to play for the primary, it was super funny. I hope I get another chance to do that again.

I'm doing really well. This week will be Zone Conference and President Turner will be teaching us. I'm super excited!

Today I went to the Zoo before emailing and I had birds all over me, I have a short video of it, I think my mom can add it to the blog page.

Anyways, Ya'll have a great week!

Elder Dearden!

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