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Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015!

Hello people!

I really wish I had some fantastic story this week. But honestly,
nothing super new. Just the same routines.
Thanksgiving was great, we ate with a big family that has lots of
realtives in the ward. It was super tasty, I love the southern cookin!
It was good stuff. We had lots of fun eating with other members of the
ward throughout the week.

Our awesome bishop takes us out to eat every Friday, he likes to take
us to the really good southern restaurants. Honestly, I think this was
the most unhealthy week of my life, I ate so much fried food, and lots
of stuff with butter in it.  I probably ate an entire chicken, if I were to add up all the fried
chicken I had. Unfortunately I also don't have any pictures...

However, today after I am doing emailing my district is getting
together in the middle of nowhere at a farm 1 hr south of here to
record our christmas video. Each Christmas President has us either do
1 of 3 things. We do a live skit (usually funny), or a Video, or a
musical number. Last year I did a musical number, but this year we are
making a movie for the mission christmas party. It is always really
fun to watch all the other disticts and their videos and skits. I'm
excited. If our video ends up being funny enough I will send it home.

I'm excited that it is already December! I can't believe the weather
though, it is 72 degrees right now! It feels amazing.

Ahh, Life is good! Southern Food, awesome Bishop, Great companion,
perfect weather, good times!

Ya'll be good...(that's what everyone says here)

Elder Dearden

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