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Monday, November 2, 2015

November Already?

Hi Family and Friends!

So our Friend Brian and his family came to our ward party last week.
Here is a pic of them. Brian is like me and we both have a tendency to
just ramble on and on about anything.

It was also great to see Brian at church yesterday.

Can I just say, the Southern culture is thick in our ward. I think
this is the richest taste of the south I have gotten yet! They feed us
a lot here and we eat good :D.

I am doing great, things are going well for us! We have met so many
people this last week with so much potential. We will see where it

During my lunch hours I have been watching the "Joseph Smith Papers",
you can find them in the gospel library app. I love them! As I have
been watching them my love and respect for Joseph the Seer has grown
so much! It is truly amazing the events that took place in Josephs
Life! I don't understand how anyone can see his history and then doubt
that Heavenly Father is behind it all!

I don't have to much else to say, other than Holy Crap! It is already
November!? What happened? I can remember a year ago being in my
Greenwood family ward and having such a great time teaching. I miss
those days! I am getting nervous as I realize that I don't have very
much time left now. Realizing that Doug Graff has finished up is
crazy, I don't know where time has gone!

Anyways, Love Ya'll!

Elder Dearden

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