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Monday, October 26, 2015

Parties, Wheel Chairs, and Pots!

Hey Family and people!

I am doing fantastic! This past week was a fun one!

On pday last week we had a "house warming" haha! We invited all the senior missionaries from the office! We had 3 sets of couples and a Senior Sister with us. We had pork roast and made tacos out of them!  It was super fun and the food was great! We did that to thank the office missionaries for all the hard work they did to get us into our new apartment! Great memories!
Our area is going great, we are meeting lots of cool people. Our area
has a great mix of country and city. My favorite is to go knocking on
doors in the country. The people out there are so kind and you can
talk to them about anything!

We had interviews with President Turner on Wednesday, I always love
meeting with him and feeling the power of the keys and inspiration he
has for this mission!

On thursday last week, we went to the State Fair for a service
project. We pushed people in wheel chairs around for a couple of
hours. It was really fun to take them around to see the animals and
all the festivity happening. They had an elephant at the fair, you
could pay $6 to ride it. I WAS SO TEMPTED! I wanted so bad to ride the
elephant and get a picture. But then, I thought about it, and I don't
think President Turner would be to happy if he found out a missionary
was riding an elephant...haha!

I made this cool ceramic pot a few weeks ago for pday. Sister Ammer
fired it up in the kilm last week. We put some gold on it and it looks
really cool. It reminds me of Hopi land!

I can't believe that Doug is finished with his mission! Holy Cow! It seems like
yesterday that he left!

I am excited for this week, good things should happen!

Elder Dearden

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  1. Your pottery looks awesome.. You have a hidden talent! Your Aunt Lenny loves ya!