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Monday, October 19, 2015

Floods, Taco's, and Potatoes


So much has happend! Wow!

Last week we did lots of service. We also got to do lots of regular
missionary work again. Things are finally returning to normal.

The area we did service in was so sad! The homes had about 5 feet of
water when the floods where there. We went to a place where people had
been rescued by boats. It was so sad to see people and all the things
they had lost. Virtually everything in their homes were destroyed
except the framing. We had to chuck everything else, furniture, dry
wall, anything paper, cloth, or wood based.

It just broke my heart when we went to do more service at this
apartment building where there was this little family with a single
mom living there in Columbia. Their bottom floor had been completely
destroyed, they were still living in the upper part of the home. They
were in so much shock they hadn't done anything. Mold was growing and
the place was stinking. There was a young boy, probably 11. He had a
lot of fun with us using the hammers to brake down the walls. But It
was so sad to see that he had lost his home and didn't know where to

On a happier note, yesterday we had an investigator at Church, his
name is Brian! He is so cool! He really enjoyed it, he had been before
a few times, but I am so excited to be working with him!

I have some pics from a few weeks ago with the Mechams, we went and
got icecream one day for lunch.

Today we are going to have a fun "house warming" haha. We invited all
the office missionaries to our new apartment for dinner to celebrate the new and fantastic place to live! It will be fun, next week I'll
have pics! We are doing a taco bar!

We have been meeting lots of cool people in the Congaree ward area.
I'm so excited for the future!

Love Ya'll

Elder Dearden

Elder Dearden mailed a potato to Chandler for his birthday.  He mailed it through the  USPS with stamps and an address attached directly to the potato. 

The potato arrived 5 days later on our front porch.  I wish I could have seen the mailman deliver it... ha ha ha.  

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