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Monday, October 12, 2015


Hello people!

Life is going great here in Congaree! Our ward was so blessed to not
suffer any damage! However, only 15 miles away many places were
submerged and flooded severely. We are grateful that we were spared in
this area. Last week we returned to our apartment and discovered it
was no long inhabitable. The place needed to be dried out for a week.
So the mission office couples performed a miracle and got us a new
place! It is super nice, it is actually a town home and is just as nice
as my previous place in Dutch Fork!

So we got to do service last week, we helped a guy start cleaning out
his business in Elgin, it had flooded 2 feet where he was and we
helped rip out all the dry wall and stuff. It was really fun actually.
I enjoyed smashing stuff and throwing it away haha. We are hoping to
do lots of more service this week too.

The Church has sent lots of supplies and our building is where
everything is being kept. The Columbia Stake Center flooded out so our
building is being used a lot. We should be doing tons of service over
the coming weeks as things get more organized.

I'm super excited to be here in Congaree, there are so many great
things that will happen. We have some amazing people we are working
with. I believe Baptisms will occur here!

I have been "Ponderizing!" I love it! I'll share with ya'll the verse
I ponderized last week!


Believe in God; believe that he is, and that he created all things,
both in heaven and in earth; believe that he has all wisdom, and all
power, both in heaven and in earth; believe that man doth not
comprehend all the things which the Lord can comprehend.

I take note on my thoughts as I ponderize, here are some of the
thoughts I had last week about the verse.
I have chosen to Ponderize this Scripture over the coming days because
it has an emotion of Faith that enters my heart and mind when I read
it. The words denote a complete confidence that Heavenly Father can
accomplish whatever is needed and that He is completely in charge.

Belief in the following:

* That 'HE IS" - This means that we acknowledge that His existence is
absolute, "is" means a state of existence. Therefore, believing that
He Is, means to acknowledge this complete and perfected existence,
there is no missing piece, no degree of doubt that his existence is

* That "HE CREATED ALL THINGS" - The word create has a meaning that
something was organized in thought, preplanned, and then executed so
that physical things are organized to produce the preplanned thought
or idea. No where has create ever meant to produce something out of
nothing. That has never happened, and never will. All things have
always been and always will be, they cannot spring into existence out
of nothing, but rather all things can be continually organized into
various forms. This can be compared to manipulating play dough. With
those thoughts in mind, we can conclude that the meaning that God
Crated all things, means that he preplanned, and thought through all
things that have existence, and that through the intelligence and
perfected power in Him, he executed a perfected process of organizing
existing matter into the reality of His Genius Plan to bring forth
Endless happiness for all His Children.

* That "HE HAS ALL WISDOM" - Wisdom is the quality of having
experience. Therefore, Heavenly Father has "all experience". He not
only 'knows', but has 'experienced' all things. Therefore, anything
that one can experience, the Father has.

* That "He has all power" - Power means, ability to do something.
Hence God has the ability to do anything, and everything. He is not
bound by any lack of ability. Now, this means he has power to commit
sin if He really wanted to, but he never will because he has perfected
wisdom, he knows the outcome of all things and will never commit sin
because of negative outcomes. He has power to do anything, but will
only do what is right, he could do wrong, but never will.

* That "Man doth not comprehend all the things which the Lord can
comprehend"- This means that we don't comprehend on the same level
that Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ do. There are two
meanings of the word comprehend. The First is to grasp mentally and
understand. The Second is to encompass. This leads to the conclusion
that we cannot encompass (See the full picture) of the things in our
mind that God can. He has a perfected superior ability to mentally
grasp all things.

Something interesting I just realized is that I haven't always
accepted all those points perfectly. For me, it has been easy to
accept that He created all things. I haven't ever pondered to much on
the idea that He has all Wisdom - or the quality of being experienced.
I have always known and accepted that His Son Jesus Christ did,
because of the atonement, but I never really connected the dots to
realize that the Father has the same experience.  (John 5: 19) "Then
answered Jesus and said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The
Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for
what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise. "

I have always assumed that Heavenly Father has all Power, or ability
to accomplish whatever He desires. However, my mind also never really
has dwelled the on the concept that He comprehends all things. It is
exciting to be assured that He indeed knows me perfectly and
comprehends me.

With all these amazing concepts that derive from this scripture that
describes the qualities of God, my soul is filled with desire to know
Him more.

Both in Heaven and in Earth

What does that mean? In the Scripture it mentions it 2 times in the

When I think of that phrase my mind is directed to the temple, where
"Heaven and Earth come together". Heaven is a place of perfection
filled with the government and order of God. There isn't anything
temporary in the Heavens, all things are eternal in perspective there.
Verses Earth, where all things are temporary and are tremendously
influenced by Satan. Satan after all is "the god of this world".

Why is that phrase used then, "BOTH IN HEAVEN AND IN EARTH"? Perhaps
it is reminding us that Heavenly Father isn't limited by location, for
he did create after all , all things, both in Heaven and in Earth.

Anyways, thanks ya'll for your prayers!

Elder Dearden

West Columbia Zone

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