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Monday, September 28, 2015

Moving Forward!

Pvt Alexander

First off, I'm being transferred. I am super sad that I am leaving this area, it was such a short time! I especially going to miss the
Military Branch at Fort Jackson!

Remember me telling about Pvt Alexander? If not, look back a few weeks
in my letters and you will read about her. Anyways, she is getting
baptized next week! Unfortunately I won't be there, but I did take a selfie with her real quick, it's an awkward one, but it works.

I often wondered why Fort Jackson is so amazing, why the soldiers are so quick to baptism...
Here is a time lapse video of us setting up the Baptismal Font at Fork Jackson!

After 12 weeks there I came to a conclusion that it is their humility.
They go through a rough time during Basic Training. They are humbled
through their experiences and the environment is a perfect chance to
learn how to rely on the Savior. Truly the Lord is deeply involved in
the lives of the Soldiers who Defend the "Promised Land!" I am going
to be forever grateful for the soldiers and individuals who put their
lives on the line to protect this amazing country! My patriotism grew
immensely as I had the privilege to observe the Soldiers at the base.
I love this country, I know the Lord does too. This land is the
promised land for the seed of Joseph!

I don't know where I am being transferred, but I will  find out Wednesday,
I'm going to still be a district leader where I am going, so that is

Today for P-day we went to the State Capital, it was really cool, so
much history there! I also went to this cool water fountain that over looks the city. I have pics of all that. I also took a picture with a giant chicken, it is the mascot for the "South Carolina Game Cocks."
I'm lookin forward to the future, but I'm anxious! I can't believe it is going to be General Conference this weekend! I am so excited for whoever the next apostles will be! I'm casting my speculation on Elder
Lynn G Robbins, he's one of my favorites. He gave the talk a year ago about "which way do you face?". https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2014/10/which-way-do-you-face?lang=eng 

But I know the Lord is in Charge and He will call who He has Chosen!

It was sad to say goodbye to some friends here in Dutch Fork, although I didn't get to know them as well as I did people it past areas it was
still hard to say goodbye.

I guess I will tell ya'll next week where I'm at!

Moving forward!

Elder Dearden

Dutch Fork District

Funny Fort Jackson District

Elder and Sister Letham - Mission Office

Elder and Sister Nolas - Mission Office

Elder and Sister Mecham

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