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South Carolina Columbia Mission
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Irmo, SC 29063


Monday, September 21, 2015

A Crazy-Busy Sunday!

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Family and People!

I am doing fantastic! Yesterday was a crazy busy day for us. It
started with Fort Jackson, we had another baptism, Pvt Carter was
Baptized and Confirmed. I will have a pic next week of that. After
Fort Jackson I had to go over to Lexington to meet up with President
Turner to play the piano at the ward he was speaking in. It was really
fun being there. The music went great, and after I played is when
President spoke.  He started with a little joke saying, "That arrangement of Come, Come, ye Saints, is my favorite. So I exercised unrighteous dominion and
forced Elder Dearden to learn it, now I drag him around the mission
with me for others to listen to it, it's great the things you can do
as a mission President...." Everyone Laughed, I thought that was
pretty funny too.

But then after that we went back to Irmo for our regular ward. So I
got to attend 3 wards in one day haha.

Last week was Zone Conference. It was really good. President Turner
talked about the conversion process, focusing on the account of Alma
the Younger. It opened my mind a lot to how one becomes converted. He
talked about how after Alma was converted, he had such a powerful
desire to share it will everyone. If we are truly converted, then
missionary work happens naturally. He also talked about how Faith is a
principle of power and how we use Faith to cause things to happen.

This next week is transfers. I find out Saturday what is happening, if

I ain't got to much to say this week, life is going great.

Elder Dearden