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Monday, September 28, 2015

Moving Forward!

Pvt Alexander

First off, I'm being transferred. I am super sad that I am leaving this area, it was such a short time! I especially going to miss the
Military Branch at Fort Jackson!

Remember me telling about Pvt Alexander? If not, look back a few weeks
in my letters and you will read about her. Anyways, she is getting
baptized next week! Unfortunately I won't be there, but I did take a selfie with her real quick, it's an awkward one, but it works.

I often wondered why Fort Jackson is so amazing, why the soldiers are so quick to baptism...
Here is a time lapse video of us setting up the Baptismal Font at Fork Jackson!

After 12 weeks there I came to a conclusion that it is their humility.
They go through a rough time during Basic Training. They are humbled
through their experiences and the environment is a perfect chance to
learn how to rely on the Savior. Truly the Lord is deeply involved in
the lives of the Soldiers who Defend the "Promised Land!" I am going
to be forever grateful for the soldiers and individuals who put their
lives on the line to protect this amazing country! My patriotism grew
immensely as I had the privilege to observe the Soldiers at the base.
I love this country, I know the Lord does too. This land is the
promised land for the seed of Joseph!

I don't know where I am being transferred, but I will  find out Wednesday,
I'm going to still be a district leader where I am going, so that is

Today for P-day we went to the State Capital, it was really cool, so
much history there! I also went to this cool water fountain that over looks the city. I have pics of all that. I also took a picture with a giant chicken, it is the mascot for the "South Carolina Game Cocks."
I'm lookin forward to the future, but I'm anxious! I can't believe it is going to be General Conference this weekend! I am so excited for whoever the next apostles will be! I'm casting my speculation on Elder
Lynn G Robbins, he's one of my favorites. He gave the talk a year ago about "which way do you face?". https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2014/10/which-way-do-you-face?lang=eng 

But I know the Lord is in Charge and He will call who He has Chosen!

It was sad to say goodbye to some friends here in Dutch Fork, although I didn't get to know them as well as I did people it past areas it was
still hard to say goodbye.

I guess I will tell ya'll next week where I'm at!

Moving forward!

Elder Dearden

Dutch Fork District

Funny Fort Jackson District

Elder and Sister Letham - Mission Office

Elder and Sister Nolas - Mission Office

Elder and Sister Mecham

Monday, September 21, 2015

A Crazy-Busy Sunday!

South Carolina Columbia Mission Seal
Family and People!

I am doing fantastic! Yesterday was a crazy busy day for us. It
started with Fort Jackson, we had another baptism, Pvt Carter was
Baptized and Confirmed. I will have a pic next week of that. After
Fort Jackson I had to go over to Lexington to meet up with President
Turner to play the piano at the ward he was speaking in. It was really
fun being there. The music went great, and after I played is when
President spoke.  He started with a little joke saying, "That arrangement of Come, Come, ye Saints, is my favorite. So I exercised unrighteous dominion and
forced Elder Dearden to learn it, now I drag him around the mission
with me for others to listen to it, it's great the things you can do
as a mission President...." Everyone Laughed, I thought that was
pretty funny too.

But then after that we went back to Irmo for our regular ward. So I
got to attend 3 wards in one day haha.

Last week was Zone Conference. It was really good. President Turner
talked about the conversion process, focusing on the account of Alma
the Younger. It opened my mind a lot to how one becomes converted. He
talked about how after Alma was converted, he had such a powerful
desire to share it will everyone. If we are truly converted, then
missionary work happens naturally. He also talked about how Faith is a
principle of power and how we use Faith to cause things to happen.

This next week is transfers. I find out Saturday what is happening, if

I ain't got to much to say this week, life is going great.

Elder Dearden

Monday, September 14, 2015

Quiet Week.....at the Zoo

Family and people,

Life is going great. Fort Jackson has been a bit quiet, not to many new people coming in, except for yesterday we had a ton of new people. We have at least one person who should be baptized next week.

My regular area in Irmo (Dutch Fork Ward) is going great. Met some really cool families last week and we are really excited to be working with them, both are member referred families. 

Last week we tried going to downtown Columbia....however we didn't really think that through because it was labor day...everything was closed.

However, today we went to the Zoo! It was really fun, the weather here has been amazing! Yesterday it was in the 70s! I am so happy about that! I'm crossing my fingers that the humid summer is over! I love the fall and springs here, so I'm happy about the weather transition. 

Next Sunday I'm supposed to go with President Turner to another ward to play the piano, I'm excited about that. Also this week is Zone Conference, which is always really cool. 

I don't really have any great stories or anything this week, just a regular week.

I hope ya'lls week goes great!

Elder Dearden

Monday, September 7, 2015

Music and Marching

Well Life is still going good!

Yesterday was rather odd, it was the first week that we went without a
baptism at Fort Jackson. However, there is a soldier that is planning
on getting baptized. We are just hoping to have it happen later this
week, when his family comes out for graduation.

So last week was super great because I got to go to one of the
graduation ceremonies (On Thursday) for the soldiers going through
Basic Training. It was really cool, they had a band that sounded
fantastic, I was really impressed with them. My favorite though was
watching the soldiers march in formation for inspection by an officer. (See attached video)
I also took a pic by a tank.

Today I am going to the Fort Jackson Museum and then to the State
House. It should be pretty cool.

Yesterday President Turner came to our sacrament services. It is
always great to see him. I guess because we are in Columbia we see him
a lot. I have realized that I still don't have a picture of me with
him! I need to fix that! I will be going with President Turner to the
Lexington area on the 20th to play the piano solo for that ward. Last
week was really great playing the piano during MLC.

I had an interesting experience, before playing the piece, I prayed
that the Holy Ghost would carry the message of the song to the hearts
of those who heard it. When I played the song I felt as if it wasn't
even me playing. It was as if I was overcome by some warm feeling and
I just listened to what was being played. Afterwards I had lots of
people explain to me that they felt a strong 'calming' fall into the
room when I played.

I had never thought of praying over a musical piece before, but now I
have realized that there is a special power that can accompany music
when we present it to the Lord before we play. I am very grateful for
that experience to feel the power of the Holy Ghost influence the
feelings of the song, 'come, come, ye saints'. I see music from a
different perspective now.

I hope ya'll have a fantastic week!

Elder Dearden