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Monday, August 3, 2015

Bringing Light To Others

Family and people!
Haha, one of the missionaries in my district drew this for me haha.
Describes my personality.

Life is going really well right now! We had a great week! Yesterday at
Ft Jackson we had another baptism, it amazes me how much work takes
place at Fort Jackson, truly the Lords hand is involved!
This time I got in the picture of the individual being baptized, so
now you can see the Fort Jackson missionary team!

Last week I went on exchanges with the Elders in NewBerry, I have
pics. It was really fun.

Our teaching pool has grown in the Dutch Fork Ward, and yesterday the
Ward council approved our member missionary plan. We will be visiting
all 60 active households over the coming month and helping each
household prepare a plan to present to the Lord of how they will do
missionary work.

Elder Bednar taught in the Mtc that the stones the
brother of Jared presented to the Lord can represent individuals. So
we can like the Brother of Jared, come up with our own "plan".  We can
be led to individuals who need the gospel, but then we must present
them to the Lord and ask that he "touch" them so they can "be filled
with light". It is amazing the connections we can draw from Ether 3 in
understanding how our Faith can impact the lives of others. The lord
expects each of us to learn how to do things on our own, like the
Brother of Jared, if we prepare a plan for individuals, and then
present it in prayer, we will be privileged to witness the hand of the
Lord extend and bring light to others!

I am excited to see the work progress! Truly the Lords hand is moving!

Love ya'll!

Elder Dearden
Exchange with Elder Swingler

Exchange with Elder Bateman....and Swingler bombing.

Last week Pvt Reeves, Smith, Stow, and Grant were baptized and confirmed!

Pvt Clark was baptized and confirmed yesterday!
In the picture, Fort Jackson district
Sis Bennett, Sis Ward, Sis Gleason, Sis Webb
Elder Droge, Elder Daynes, Elder Scarff, me

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