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Monday, July 27, 2015

This is a Great Day!

Hey people!

This past week was great! As usual....

We had 4 more baptisms at Fort Jackson! It was great! 

This is a picture from last weeks Baptisms

Elder Mcarthur
This week at Fort Jackson Elder Mcarthur, our area seventy came for a surprise visit. He seemed to really enjoy his visit. He was really excited and impressed with the the baptisms. He came outside with us and actually was a witness for all 4 baptisms. It was just an awesome sight, a Seventy, 8 missionaries, 4 senior missionaries, and about 20 soldiers standing outside by the portable baptismal font to watch the baptisms and confirmations, the spirit was strong and I heard Elder Mcarthur say behind me, " this is a great day".
I agree with him! Yesterday was a great day!

Our area in Irmo, the Dutch fork Ward is doing great. We have a new plan for member referrals and the Ward council and the bishop so far are standing with us in our plan.
We have one referral from a member that we will be teaching this Thursday, we are excited for that.

So I met an awesome person last week! Mr. Clapp, to summarize, he is fascinated with the Native American migrations and has an interesting collection of stuff. He actually gave me some arrowheads last week, and we plan to get back together again soon. He has had lots of Mormon friends and is interested in our faith. We have made plans that when the weather cools down In the fall we will go the the lake Murray shore and do some arrowhead hunting, he says there are lots by the lake. So that will be a fun future play! 

This week should be awesome!

Love y'all! 

Elder Dearden

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