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Monday, July 13, 2015

Fort Jackson and Dutch Fork

Well to start off I just want to say that leaving Summerville was so
hard! I love that place and I want to go back so much! I have some
amazing friends in Summerville and it is going to be difficult to not
see them for a while! I've never really felt homesick on my mission,
but I am homesick for my previous area!

I'll send some pics of the rest of the people I took pictures with
before I left.

Sister Procopio, Elder Lumpkins mom

Summerville Missionaries

Last Picture with Ed and Bobbi

Jeffs Family


Apollo and Stacey

But last p day Elder Parker and I went to Fort Sumpter and had a
fantastic time! I have pictures of that too.
I'm really going to miss my Summerville missionaries! They were so
much fun to around! But time moves forward.

We got permission to ride on this ferry to get to Fort Sumpter, this
is us inside the boat.

Fort Sumpter

The Ferry we took to Fort Sumpter

So....I was transferred to west Columbia. The Ward is called Dutch Fork.
My companion is Elder Scarff, he is from Alberta Canada. I'm way
excited to get to know him and to work with him.

It's really funny, I still get to drive a car! I'm so spoiled. We have
this dodge van we get to dive, I Really like it. We also get the
fanciest apartment in the whole mission. It has new everything and
fancy crown molding everywhere. The bathroom is huge too. I felt
even more spoiled when I saw the apartment. The place is a gated
community and we have a fancy pass card that lets us in.

Elder Scarff and our van
 So....even more great stuff....

I get to be the office monkey, we move mail around and do some other
stuff for them when they need it. I actually just live a mile from the
mission office. I'm really excited about that. That's why we get the
van, so we can transport stuff.

The greatest of all is that I also get to serve on Fort Jackson, I
basically have two areas! (Dutch Fork and Ft Jackson) I couldn't ask
for a greater blessing, we get to go on base to teach soldiers who are
going through basic training. There are a lot of members who are there
and they bring their buddies to church and then we teach them. We get
to go to their sacrament meeting, which is really cool to have
soldiers pass the sacrament to us in their uniform. We baptize every
week there. Yesterday we baptized two soldiers, Pvt Doone and Pvt
Blanco were baptized yesterday. We have 9 people on date to be
baptized next week, I'm super excited. We work Fort Jackson with the
assistants to the president, which is so cool, I really enjoy being
able to spend lots of time win the assistants. I will have pics from
those baptisms next week.

So, guess what else?! There is a senior couple that serves in my
ward, Elder and Sister Mecham, and yes we are related! We discovered
that Elder Mecham and myself share Lewis Mecham as our common
ancestor. Lewis is my great- great- great- grandfather. Lewis is Elder
Mechams great grandfather. I'll send pics of the pedigree. It was a
great comfort to find a relative here to know I'm in the right place!
I'll get a pic with Elder Mecham next week for y'all.

Lewis Mecham

Alright, well, this week was busy and I'm excited for this new
adventure! I'll try to keep myself from thinking of Summerville,
because I have lots of emotion attached there! But I know the Lord
wants me in Ft Jackson and in Dutch Fork!

Love y'all!!!

Elder Dearden

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  1. Aunt Leslie is so proud of you! You will love your new assignment! What an opportunity for you!