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Monday, June 22, 2015

Fantastic Week!

South Carolina Columbia Mission June 2015

Hey family and awesome people!

This past week was fantastic and so many great things are happening.
I'll start with iPad minis! We got the iPad last Friday and they are
awesome! Something cool is that I can receive email during the week
now. I can't respond until Monday's but I can read them throughout the
I took some fun pics with the iPads too.
Here are some of the pics

This is brother Vines, he helped us build a gazebo, it was really
fun to be with him on top of the roof screwing in nails and stuff. I
didn't think I would enjoy building stuff as much as I did! It was
really fun and it makes me want to do get into that kind of stuff as a
hobby later on in life. You can see the Gazebo behind us in the
This is Sis Anderson
She put together the whole service project to build the gazebo. This
was a continuation of the project we did in April for the Summerville
day of service. Her son is on a mission right now in Utah and lives
10 min away from my home! So it has been fun for her and my mom to connect
over text!
This is Sister Vines, she has been a great help. She was the first
member to fellowship Bobbi and she likes to feed us. She is from
Hawaii and makes amazing food! Every Sunday she has bread for us after
church, she is awesome!

This  is a selfie with Bobbi. There was a baptism of a young girl
on Saturday and Bobbi came. It was the first baptism that Bobbi had
seen. It was great and the spirit was very strong. I love the unique
spirit at baptisms. Afterwards we went and got ice cream, it was very
good and I got to have my favorite superman flavored ice cream.

Our Investigators are doing great, I wish I could find words to describe the feelings that come from seeing the light of Christ Awaken in the souls of others! 

Bobbi and Ed have become like a second family to me! They had us over yesterday for Fathers day dinner, it was really fun. We were also with her Parents, who are just as awesome! I will really miss them and have a hard time when I have to say goodbye! But I am grateful that they have allowed me to be apart of their lives!

Chase came to Church again yesterday and is really enjoying it, he is pondering on a day to be baptized, which is exciting. I may not be here to see it, but I am so proud of the decisions he has made so far!

James and Nicole are on fire still, James invited me to go to his birthday party at a trampoline park...unfortunately I can't go, against mission policy, but we did get to have some fun last week, he can tumble on the grass, so we took turns doing backflips and stuff, I really enjoyed it. I'll try to get a video or a picture of us doing backflips or something so ya'll can see haha.

Last week was a really fun pday, we bought pizza and lots of cream soda and hung out at the church....I have pics of our mess....but we cleaned up haha. I love my district, probably the most fun district I've had yet!

I love my Mission! BEST TIME OF MY LIFE!


I hope ya'll have a great week!

Elder Dearden

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