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Monday, May 18, 2015

Ipad training this week!

So to start off I'll apologize for no pictures! I forget to take pics a lot.

But things are still going great! Our investigators are continuing to move forward and their testimonies are growing!

This Friday we will be trained on Ipads! I'm excited! I don't think that we will get to keep them that day, but hopefully soon!

I love being on a mission! Transfers are next week. I am starting to get nervous wondering who is leaving, me or Elder Parker? I want so bad to stay here, I LOVE SUMMERVILLE! But, then at the same time it would be great for Elder Parker to stay! Oh well, whatever happens I know the Lord's will is involved! We find out this Saturday what is going to happen.

The members here are awesome and we've made so many great friends, both member and nonmember! I feel super attached to this place! 

I wish I had more to tell ya'll, but my mind is drawing a blank right now. 

Oh! Last Saturday the ward had a scout fundraiser where they auctioned off desserts! It was fun, Bobbi brought some fancy cupcakes and they were really cool! Her Mom also came and built a fancy wooden chair to donate to auction off for the scouts. Bobbi's Daughter Taylor came too and it was a great evening!

Next week I should have more pics! I promise!

Love ya'll!

Elder Dearden

I (Stacie) found this pic on Facebook.  It is old and I have no idea where or what it is.  Since Taylor didn't have any pictures this week I thought I would add this one, ha ha ha. 

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