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Monday, May 4, 2015

Love the Spirit at Baptisms!

Family and people!

Last week was really great, we had interviews with President Turner and it was a little different because everyone interviewed as companionships. Elder Parker and I had a good time telling President how well everything has been going. 

We didn't do anything super awesome for p-day last week though, but we still had a fun week! 

We started teaching Bobbi and Ed how to do family History, and they are hooked on it now! They love it! It will be so cool for them when they get to do the temple work for their family after they are baptized! 

Harley was baptized yesterday and it was great! I love the spirit that is felt at baptisms! Harley was so ready for that day! She did great and all the young women came from the ward to support her!
Today we will be going to downtown Charleston so that will be fun! We'll probably go on the bridge again because it is really cool.

I can't believe that Garit is 3 now! Holy Cow! The pictures I've seen of him remind me of Nic! Their faces are so similar! I'm glad that he was able to have a fun b-day!

I hope ya'lls week goes well! We have lots of stuff planned for this week and it should go great!

Love ya'll!
Elder Dearden

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