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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Families and the Gospel

Hey Family and Friends!

Mother's Day was super fun! I loved talking with my family and seeing everyone! Buba is twice the size he was?! Way tall! He's grown to much, someone tell him to stop! haha

I love my Mom and Grandmas! They do so much for me and for my family! 

But talking on Sunday with family reminded me how important the work of salvation is! I am always reminded when I email or communicate back home how amazing my family is and how much they have done for me! It motivates me to increase my efforts to help others here in the south have what I have! 

Our investigators are doing great, all of them are pretty much in the same place as before. Had a great time with Bobbi the day before Mothers day, she had a family cookout and invited us, it was really fun and her family is awesome!

Elder Parker and I are doing really good, we see miracles in others lives daily!

Last week I discovered that there is a native american reservation in my area, the Kusso Edisto Tribe. We went to visit and it just so happened that there was a POW WOW that day! I'm so mad I didn't have my camera! But we had fun, watched them dance and talked to some of them. We have the Chiefs address and will be returning next week to try and meet him!

I just want to share my testimony of the reality of the Lord, I know Him and I love Him. He is more than a friend, he is everything to me. My family is awesome because of Him! I love the Church he has restored to the earth for these crazy last days! He calls representatives who truly can call upon his power to perform miracles in the lives of others! I love Joseph Smith, I feel that he is my friend, I won't be able to thank him enough for the sacrifice of his family and his life, I love the Hymn, "Praise to the Man!". I know the Lord places individuals in our lives for a reason, and there are many of you who read this blog who have played an intimate part of love in my life and I thank you for that! 


Elder Dearden

This is a picture of my District.

 Here is a picture of us being weird, I'm drinking Dr. Pepper in the picture :D

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