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Monday, April 6, 2015

Fort Dorchester

Last week was fantastic! It was all around a great week!!!
Last P-day Elder Parker and I went to a really cool colonial town/fort. I think it's called Dorchester Fort? But I have pictures. The place is a bunch of ruins from the 1600's, pretty cool stuff!

Bobby and Ed are doing amazing! We had some fantastic lessons with them last week and watched "Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration" -The Church put it on Youtube.

They also watched the Sunday Morning Session of Conference with us! We are so excited for them. Bobby says she wants to be baptized, so we are working on the steps now to get her there! We are so thrilled for her!

We had a really cool Dinner with the Acree Family and we invited Tom (our new friend I mentioned last week). We had an awesome lesson and the Acree's shared their Conversion story! Tom told some fun stories of looking for Native American stuff in the woods. He promised us he would take us to this burial mound somewhere if we can get permission to go. So we are excited! I love Tom! 

Conference was amazing! LOVED IT! 
I am so excited about all the great things happening here in Summerville! Lots of cool stuff!!!

The Work goes on! 

I hope your week is great, we have good stuff planned for this week!!!

BTW- Today is the Lord's Birthday! And the 185th year of the church being organized! WOW! April 6th is one of my favorite days of the year!

Love ya'll!!

Elder Dearden

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