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Monday, March 2, 2015

Fun week

This past week was pretty fun, we had some good experiences. 

Ben is progressing very well! He has decided to be baptized at the end of march! We are so excited for him. 

Our other investigators are doing alright, busy work schedules keep us from meeting with them sometimes. But we are able to stay in frequent contact. This week should be better in that we should be able to meet with most of them.

We had interviews with President Turner last week, that was fun. I find it so uplifting to counsel with someone who holds Priesthood Keys. It is interesting how the Spirit will guide those conversations. I Love President Turner and support him! He's my favorite. 

Nothing super crazy or awesome happened this past week, I did get to spend some time with Jeff again though, he took us out to eat Chinese, we talked about Mexico for a while and it was just great! I'm so glad he's here in this area, definitely no coincidence.

This week is transfers, 2 Elders from our district are leaving and 2 are coming in that are whitewashing and training (Which is what I did, starting an area fresh with 2 Elders). I'm excited to have another Trainer in the district! 
I'll put pictures of them on the blog next week!

Huh, sorry for not having a long blog letter this week, just know life is good, I'm doing great! I'm learning so much, I will never regret a mission! This is an adventure of a lifetime!

Elder Dearden

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