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Monday, March 23, 2015

Another Great Week!

Hey Family and Friends! 

I know I always say life is good, but that is....good....so I'm gona say it again, LIFE IS GOOD!!!

Our investigators are on fire and Elder Parker and I are meeting lots of really cool people, our teaching pool is increasing at a fast pace!

Bobby is the Highlight we taught her yesterday with Bishop and the Relief Society President. It was super awesome! We read 3 Nephi 11 with her and had a great discussion, she had watched the testaments last week so the lesson went together perfect. Bobby is loving church and has a desire to continue to take steps closer to Heavenly Father! Maybe I can get a picture with Her and Ed this week. 

Ben is doing great too, we are almost done with the lessons with him, he wants to be baptized but says he will after the lessons are done, so hopefully soon :D.

Elder Parker and I did a lot of biking last week and it was really fun. I missed riding in the rain and dodging cars at night haha, jk, the cars aren't that bad. 
Elder Parkers bike brakes broke so we are getting them fixed, hopefully we will have his bike back this week so we can resume our biking adventures.
I am so proud of Elder Parker and how much he has grown the past 9 weeks! He has become one of my best friends! I know it will last beyond a mission!

My birthday is this Saturday...., that will be strange having a birthday on a mission? But I'm sure it will be the best one ever, as life on a mission only gets better and better :D

Last week we had an exchange, Elder Collins came to my area, he was super cool. It's always fun to meet other missionaries and make quick friendships.

Me and Elder Collins

Dang I just love this mission! I am spoiled to live in this ward, they are on fire with missionary work and I can't ask for better! Surely Elder Parker has been spoiled to start at such a great place :D!

This week should be just as awesome, we already have some cool things planned. 

Hope ya'lls week goes great!

Elder Dearden

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