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Monday, March 16, 2015

Amazing Week!!

This past week was amazing!!! LOVED IT!

So. Elder Kopischke of the Seventy came to our mission last Wednesday and spent the whole day with us. 
Basically what he did was questions and answers all day. He turned the setting into a revelation  power house. Every missionary I talked to had some sort of powerful revelation, as did I. 
Elder Kopischke is amazing, he has an extraordinarily ability to invite the spirit.
He taught a great principle about missionary work:

Many missionaries take ownership of converts and refer to them as, "My Converts". However, Elder Kopischke said that we should not do that. He said we can neither take the PRAISE or the BLAME for the results of our missionary efforts. That is completely in the agency of others! I really loved that knowing that I shouldn't take blame for the results of my efforts, because it is the LORDS work, and we're all in this together, it is truly a ZION concept, ONE Heart and ONE Mind. 

He taught many other things that pertain to how we can do missionary work better. But I don't have enough time to talk about them.

We got to play our Organ duet, it went well. The Organ was older and didn't have as many fancy abilities as we were used to, but it still sounded pretty good. Everyone liked it and told us how cool it was. 

Elder Parker and I had one of the most productive weeks ever, we met so many people and made so many friends!

One investigator stands out above all right now, Her name is Bobby. She came to church yesterday and had an amazing revelation experience. She told us how her questions were answered one right after the other and how she felt the spirit confirm those truths. We went over to her home later that evening and continued to have an amazing time. She is amazing, and I know she has a super bright future, she is figuring it out! She is reading the Book of Mormon and is growing in so much truth!

We will be teaching Ben later tonight, and I'm sure that will go just great too!

Life is so good! I am learning so much! I wouldn't trade this experience for anything!

Elder Parker is doing good too, he has expressed how real the savior is becoming in his life! Which is amazing, nothing brings me more joy than to see the Light of Christ awaken in the souls of others! 

Have a good week :D

Elder Dearden

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