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Monday, March 30, 2015


Ok so it was really strange for me to realize that I am 19, I don't feel that way. In my mind I think I'm about 16....so it's weird.

Last week was a week of lots of success! Lots of Great things happened. 

We went to Bobby's Daughter's Soft Ball game, and that was fun! (My Mom should have a picture of that, I think Bobby sent it to my Mom).

But Bobby is awesome! She came to church yesterday again and she is excited to help out with our church's community service project on the 11th. We're also excited for her to experience General Conference for the first time!

We met this random guy on the street 2 weeks ago. He was super kind and immediately invited us to come back and in fact offered us dinner. We were a little anxious about it because of how quick he was to invite us to dinner, but it ended up being awesome! He's so cool. We ate with him last Wednesday and talked forever! I walk into his home and see lots of arrow heads and rocks....I was like....huh...I think I like this guy :D. He said, "Ya, I sort of collect rocks, I have piles of them all over the place" (large piles outside his home). He has collected some really cool things over the years! But we had an awesome dinner with him and taught the restoration and it went fantastic! We are actually eating with him again tonight, but this time with some awesome members, the Acrees. They offered to return the favor and feed him tonight. So that will be cool!

Another cool story....this past week had lots of them. Last Thursday it was the evening and we sort of didn't plan to well. So it resulted in us coming to a blank at 7:30. We started heading back to our apartment and then when we were biking into the complex, Elder Parker stopped in the middle of the road because he taught he dropped something. I was a little nervous because we were in the way of traffic, but it was getting dark. So I got my flashlight out and started looking for whatever it was he thought he dropped. And this guy comes walking by, and starts helping us. We recognized him from the Library when we email each week, he works there. We started a conversation and he was really interested in learning so we set up an appointment with him. Turns out he lives in our apartment complex too! The funniest part is that he lives right next to the sisters, their doors are next to each other. He hadn't talked to them though haha. His name is Chase and he's 20 yrs old, so close to our age.

Anyways we taught him and he was super receptive and believed what we shared, he said he's been searching for some answers to understand his relationship with God. So that was really cool. He's going to watch Conference with us this week, which will be great!
I am convinced Elder Parker didn't drop anything, must have been an unseen person stopping him so we could meet Chase. Angels can make a noise so you think you dropped something right? :D

So this weekend was my birthday, and the city threw a party for me :D haha, jk, but they did have a festival and THOUSANDS of people came! It was super fun and wildly busy! I have a picture of one of the streets!

This really random nice member from a nearby city, Mt. Pleasant, gave me $20, she didn't know it was my birthday until after she gave me the money! Fun day! Here is a picture of her:
Life is good. Birthday was awesome, and I got to eat some good food :D. (Thanks Mom for the candy buttons!!!! I ate them all :D) And thanks to everyone else who sent me stuff! LOVED IT!

I hope ya'lls week goes great! 

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  1. Taylor is a missionary BEAST! Aunt Leslie is so proud of you!
    Happy Birthday!