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Monday, February 9, 2015

Super Busy!

Hey People!

So things are going really well here in Summerville! We have many investigators and they are all doing so well!

Bobby and Ed - we taught them about the book of moron and Baptism this past week. They both agree that if they receive their witness that they will be baptized! I am excited for them, and hopefully the lessons continue to go down the path the are already on!

We are teaching this awesome 17 year old named Ben. He is so amazing! He has been coming to church for 8 months already and has finally decided to take the missionary discussions. He already knows so much! He has agreed that he needs to be baptized and we look forward to setting a date with him when we meet with him this week! He's awesome, it's really fun to work with someone whose age you can somewhat relate to, we're only about a year apart.

Whitney is just as awesome as ever, we visited with her and her family on Saturday and were able to have a great discussion about the church. We will be meeting with her on Tuesday to have another lesson! She had a Mormon friend growing up and already knows a ton about the church which helps a billion while teaching!

Elder Parker has been awesome, if anything his heart is just full of pure love and I know our investigators see it! Our personalities are quite different, but we are both learning a great deal about ourselves and I think things are moving forward in a good direction! 
He is the ward organist now and the ward loves it! He seriously sounds like a Mo-tab organist. I have never heard a ward sing louder in sacrament than when he played yesterday, it like energized the whole place!

I will repent........I failed at getting pictures again!  But hey, proof that we work our fannys off here and we are busy! But today we are going to some Plantation with some other Elders for P-day, I think it's like an old Civil war plantation with a garden or something, but we will definitely get pictures there! I feel bad, I owe pictures, but....ooops.

Life is Good though, the weather is amazing! I hear Utah weather is good too though? 

Hopefully I can go see the Ocean out here soon, maybe next month. 

I hope ya'll's week is fantastic! I know our week will be great! 

Elder Dearden

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