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Monday, February 23, 2015


Alright this past week was another really interesting one!

Unfortunately lots of people were busy and the work slowed down a bit, lots of appointments were canceled. But our investigators are still in close contact and are doing great!

Whitney is just as awesome as ever, she is already living the commandments required for baptism, and is still pondering a date! She has become a great friend out here!

Ben is doing good, we are doing a church tour with him today and teaching him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it will be a good experience for him to see the baptismal font and the sacrament table and to talk about those ordinances with him there.

Bobby and Ed are out of town, but we look forward to meeting with them soon!

So Crazy story! This is probably one of the weirdest coincidences I've had ever!

So there is this member in our ward named Jeff Hall, he has been teaching Ben with us. He is really cool and we have become good friends over the past month. He married into the Robinson family, he's Bishop Robinson's Brother in Law. But Anyways we were all eating dinner yesterday at the Robinson home and Jeff started talking about his mission that he served 10 years ago. He mentioned a city named Oaxaca, and my mind immediately remembered Mexico! I was like...wait, you served in Mexico? And he said, "Yep, I served in the Puebla mission". I was like....oh great this is just getting weirder, and I asked him, "Did you spend time in Cholula?"....He said, "Yes..."
Then I was like, you probably know Esteban, he's a friend of mine who lives there. He responded...."Did you read the Lives and Travels of Mormon and Moroni?"....my mind popped at that point. I was like, "YES! I know the author personally!"........Then he brought up a lady named Ruth Davila that he spent tons of time with in Mexico....I started to laugh and told him my Parents met her too! 

Jeff has seen the other half of the padilla plates and has lots of the papers that Ruth drew up with translations for some of the pyramid texts. He knows the Davila family pretty well. We just hit it off and were amazed that we ran into each other! We are trying to set up a pday time to sit down and exchange information. 
I am just excited that this happened, I guess i'm used to it because it happened all the time back home where I would run into awesome people like this, but I guess the Lord sees it fit to keep connecting me to people :D.

Ya, so I'm having a great time! No coincidence that I am serving here...

I hope ya'lls week is fantastic!

Elder Dearden

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