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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dinner on the Bay!

Magnolia Place Gardens
Ok so the past 8 days have been wild! So much fun, blessings, and success!

For P-day last week we went to Magnolia Place Gardens and had a great time! I have some pictures :D

After going to Magnolia Place, we had the opportunity to go out to eat with some Nonmembers that the other Elder's were teaching, it was a great p-day dinner! We went to California Dreamin, which is a restaurant that sits in the bay at Charleston! It was beautiful! The food was awesome too! I have a picture of us with them, their names are Marti and Dave :D. Awesome people!

Elder Parker, California Dreamin - Charleston Bay

California Dreamin - Charleston Bay

Marti and Dave, Elder Parker, and Me

Charleston is such a cool place! IT was cool enough that we went back again yesterday to go bowling with some Elders there! A really fun day!

Bowling in Charleston

Our investigators are doing amazing! 

Ben is progressing great! He's such a smart guy, he has such profound answers to the questions we give him. He will probably pick a date for baptism sometime this week, so we are excited for him!

Bobby and Ed came to Church and really enjoyed it! We are excited to help them progress! 

We had an amazing conversation with Whitney and she is going to pray about a baptism date too!

Elder Parker and I are working on this really cool Organ Duet, with the songs, "Come all ye sons of God, and High on the mountain top". It's going to be so cool, the assistants have asked us to play when a member of the seventy comes this march. We are excited!

Elder Parker is doing good, reminds me of the good old days when you learn how to adjust to missionary life, he's doing well though!

We had dinner with Bishop and the Ward mission leader, (Father:Son) Bishop's Dad is our ward mission leader. Elder Parker played "This is the Christ" at their home on their piano and it was really quite the spiritual experience, the whole family gathered and just listened, it was a really sweet experience.

I love South Carolina! They love to say here, "Nothin finer than livin in south carolier".

I hope your week is as fantastic as mine was!!!

Elder Parker, Elder Sibers, and me Elder Dearden
Elder Dearden

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