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Monday, February 2, 2015

An Amazing Ward!

Persons who read this....

Hey life is going great here in Summerville! I am already making so many great friends! The Sister Missionaries who were here before us left us many investigators who I am already in love with! 

We are woking with a couple named Bobby (the girl)...and Ed, her boyfriend. They are really cool and we have had some great discussions with them! They like Church and have so many great questions. They are really seeking the truth! We are meeting with them again tonight!

Liz, is an Older black lady who is like another Grandmother to us here, she loves to meet with us and has a desire to be baptized. After keeping some commitments she will be ready soon! I am so excited to work with her. She is so welcoming and I feel at home when I am at her house.

There is this other really awesome family we are working with. The main lady we are teaching, her name is Whitney, she is so much fun! In her Mid-20's, we are teaching her and her mom who just got back from Korea. We talked with them a while yesterday about Korea and they gave us some Korean Candy. They love Church and they love what they are learning! I can't wait to see where their progress will take them!

The Ward has referred many people to us, they keep us busy. I am so grateful to have this ward, they take such good care of us, and feed us often :D. We have a young man (Priest age) who has been coming to church a lot lately and wants to take the discussions and be baptized, hopefully we can meet with him this week and get things rolling! 

Elder Parker and I are learning lots and we are getting along well. It is fun to see a new missionary, I'm remembering all the good times Elder Davis and I had and It just reminds me how grateful I was to have a great trainer! I hope I can be the same for Elder Parker.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures this week....I sort of forgot...really busy with things. 
Next week we might go to Charleston with Elder Lumpkin's mom, so that should be fun! Maybe I'll have pictures from that.
I'll try to get a picture of the outside of the chapel here, we have a new really nice chapel here in Summerville. They actually have 2 chapels! Lots of members here!

I hope ya'lls week is as great as mine was!

Elder Dearden

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