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Monday, January 26, 2015

Serving in Summerville!

Family and Friends, and other people.

I am in Summerville, SC now! It is beautiful here! Very Tropical!

I am Training Elder Parker! A new Missionary from Salt Lake City! I am excited to work with him. He has such a positive and uplifting attitude! He is an amazing musician. He has perfect pitch and can play anything on the piano after hearing it! I am amazed. I am excited to have p-days on the piano with him, I bet we will be able to have some good times with music!

So, guess what?! The area I am in is where Elder Lumpkin is from! I came here on Wednesday of last week and I had a dinner with Elder Lumpkin's Mom! His Family was shocked and it was really funny to meet Elder Lumpkins Family! Elder Lumpkin wasn't to happy when he learned that I was going to his homeward. I can understand that, I wouldn't be to happy if I found out one of my companions was going to eat dinner with my Family!

I was able to connect quickly to the members here after telling them that I served with Elder Lumpkin for 4 1/2 months. The Ward members here are so on top of things.

The missionary work here in Summerville is amazing! The Ward is on fire and they are bringing in referrals to us like it's candy! The Sister missionaries who's area we are taking over left us the entire Nephite Library record of missionary work in summerville, color coded. So we have plenty of records and plans to accomplish the next 12 weeks! Haha.

Summerville is also where Elder Cook served for some time, so that was a cool connection too!

I love the climate here in Summerville, it is perfect! We have a car, but I think we will do lots of biking because it is flat here and the weather is perfect. My former area in Greenwood was the half the size of the state of Delaware. But my area here is small and dense with member families. It is going to be so much fun!

Man, I miss greenwood though! Argh, I am slowing recovering from past-area-depression syndrome.
But I know the Lord will comfort me.
Not much else to tell, other than the strange coincidence with Elder Lumpkin's Family and that Elder Parker and I are on fire and we have lots to accomplish here!

Hopefully I will get more pictures next week! 

Love ya'll!!

Elder Dearden

This is Pam Shumway, President of Republican Women here in South Carolina. We reactivated her in Greenwood. She lives on the border of SC and Georgia, but her ward boundaries are in Greenwood. 
Anyways she took us to a fancy country club cafe to have lunch last Tuesday before I left. She is awesome! 

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