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Monday, January 12, 2015

7 Months

Hey Family...

So i'l appologize right off...I didn't get any pictures....sorry about that.

This past week was a strange one. Time to me seems to be warping and it doesn't make sense. I've been out 7 months now? Huh, strange.

But I have had such a great time. 

Last week the Sister Missionaries had a Baptism for one of the Litchfield students, Angel. We made a really cool arrangement of Cannon and Angels we have heard on High mixed. Sis. Lower Played the Violin and I played the piano, and wrote a second piano piece that Elder Reed played on a second piano. It is probably the coolest song I've ever come up with. I will try to find a way to send you the audio of the song. I call it, Christmas Cannon. :D. But we actually played the song for the Missionary Christmas party, I just forgot to tell ya'll about it. But WE thought the Angel theme applied to Angel's name :D. Elder Gardner and Sister Johnson sang during the song.

I have been feeling lots of emotion for the passing of Jaynie. I loved her, she was my other neighborhood Mom! I will miss her so much! I know she is alright in Paradise right now. I owe so much to her! Thank Goodness for the Plan of Salvation! She was more prepared than anyone could be! 

My heart was touched to hear that Scott was able to be with Ian! Wow! Two Great people in my life! My Mom sent me this picture of Scott and Ian, two Men of God! Ian is my best buddy! I sure hope he knows how much I love him and how much I feel for Him and his family! I love all of them! 

John Mitchel, an Older Black man who we ran into one night a few months ago, a less active. He has been coming to church now for 3 months actively! He is also now living the Word of Wisdom and faithfully paying tithing. We are so proud of him! He has become my Southern Grandpa out here! He is going to be ordained a Priest next week, he has asked that I do that. I love John, we've been meeting with him weekly for 3 months, he's definately had the light of Christ Awakened in his soul! He was baptized 20 years ago and the missionares and ward members just forgot about him and he fell into inactivity for 20 years. But Elder Davis and I were the first missioanres to begin to visit him regularly and that's what brought him back. He just wanted someone who would care. 
I was pondering on the significance of Ordaining a Black Gentleman to the Priesthood in of all places, South Carolina! I am so pround and happy for John. We Hope to see him attend the temple this year.

I will try harder to get pictures for next week. Maybe i'll find a way to send ya'll the song I wrote.

I find out what happens this weekend in relation to transfers, I have no idea what to think.

Love ya'll! Have a blessed week! (they say that alot, have a blessed day :D)

Elder Dearden

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