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Monday, January 5, 2015


2015?! Huh, oh well. I will just pretend it is still 2014 :D. I always had 2014 as a mile stone in my life because that's when I would leave the prison of the public education system. But now that it is 2015 I am weirded out, reminds me how much of my life I still have ahead of me!

But we had some cool experiences last week. We picked up a former Investigator that Elder Davis and I had met. Her name is Judy. 

We were driving down a road, and I had this weird Idea to randomly pull off into this neighborhood to the right. As we were driving around in it I had some flashbacks and remembered Elder Davis and I knocking on that street, and remembered the lady we had ran into! So we knocked on her door and she was thrilled to see us! She invited us in and we said a prayer with her family! 
She had us come back on Saturday and teach her the restoration. We are excited to see where her progression goes.

We spent New Year day with Kathy! She took us to Cracker Barrel. Good food. Kathy is just as awesome as ever :D.

Bryan is doing fantastic, came to Church Sunday, we talked about his progression towards baptism. He still wants to be baptized, he just hasn't decided how soon. He feels that he shouldn't rush into it. We hope that he makes his decision soon though :D.

Many other people we are working with though! But nothing super fantastic or "wow" enough to share. 

I spent time making some goals for 2015, it was strange to realize that the year 2015 is going to be spent 100% on a mission. For those of you who know what the number 15 means to me, that'll make great sense :D.

Elder Lumpkin and I are having fun though! We are like brothers now, things are going really good.

Sorry, no pictures this week. Sort of an uneventful week. But, next week, I will have pictures! 

Hope ya'll have a super-duper-freakin-fantastic week!

Elder Dearden

This is a picture that Kathy sent me (Stacie) I believe it was taken at the Fosters home on Christmas.

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