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Monday, December 1, 2014

Wow! December?!

Wow! December?! What happened!!!!
Things are fantastic here!

Last week we got to eat Thanksgiving with Kathy! It was really good! We went out to Cracker Barrel and had a great dinner! We also ate Breakfast with Bishop Wren that Morning. It was a tasty day. 

This is Kathy, my favorite person to eat out with.
Bryan is doing sooooo good!!!
We went over to his home last week on Wednesday and talked from 2 pm to 4 pm....during which we broke the ice and invited him to be baptized! He actually agreed! He says he knows that is what he is supposed to do, he however doesn't know when. He says he feels it is around the corner, but he is going to ponder on a date!
So after that visit, we went home for a bit, and then came back...! We talked again from 6pm to 8pm (His family was out doing sports and his wife was working, so we had some good quiet time to talk.)

He had never said a Prayer out loud before. We invited him to pray with us to see if this is the right path for his life. He was hesitant, but he finally mustered up the strength to say a prayer. It was a beautiful prayer, he started to cry in the middle of it, and said to us, "You don't know how much it means to me to call you friend". It really touched my heart! It has been amazing to see Bryan progress to this point! He said, "This is so close to my heart, what the missionaries have taught me causes my heart to burn".  It was so cool, he was able to describe to us how he felt, and he knew it was the spirit! He was filled with so much emotion and it just melted my heart to see the light of Christ awakened in his soul!

Bryan is truly one of the closet friends I have out here on the east coast! He is truly a brother to me! I love him to death!  Bryan came to church on Sunday for all 3 blocks again, it was so great. He participated in all the classes and he is really understanding everything! It is just so cool to see this happening! 

I actually gave a talk on Sunday I talked about how Missionary work for the Living goes hand in hand with Work for the Dead. I centered my talk around Elder Bednar's talk, "Missionary, Family History, and Temple Work"
You can read it here.

The ward loved my talk and I know the spirit was there when I spoke, it was a neat experience. We had a total of 3 investigators at church yesterday! It was another great week full of success!

So many things are happening here! Greenwood has really changed from the time I got here! It seems the missionary work has exploded, the members seem to finally understand what this is all about! Love it!

I find out this Saturday if I'm being transferred or not! I really don't know what will happen? I think I might leave? But who knows?!

The people in Greenwood are so close to my heart, it will be hard when the day comes that I have to say goodbye! I'm going to get lots of pictures of my favorite people here in Greenwood this week, so ya'll can see what they look like!

I hope your week is as fantastic as my last week was!

Elder Dearden

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