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Monday, December 15, 2014

Loving Greenwood!

Family, Friends, People...

Life is going really good here in Greenwood. I am loving it!
Elder Lumpkin and I are like best buddies now, we seem to be able to read each other's mind and we're getting along real nice. 

Nothing super amazing has happened really. 

Just the usual. Our investigators are moving along nice and we are gaining more investigators as we go.
We have gained 3 investigators because of the service we do by cleaning the cemetery each week. People will come by and thank us for cleaning their cemetery and then ask why we do it....then we talk about family history and set up times to teach them how to use Family Search at their home.....which in turn leads to gospel discussions. Sis. Foster deserves all the credit though! She is amazing with her creative missionary efforts. 

The ward here in Greenwood is doing so great in missionary work. They seem to really be on board now with Hastening the work!

We got a new Elder in Our apartment...Elder Gardner!

Elder Gardner and I get along real nice, he is a fantastic addition to the apartment. He lightened the mood and things seem a lot brighter now. 

I am so excited for Christmas! It is going to be so fun here during Christmas.
The Weather has been so nice and I've decided that I prefer Carolina Winter over Utah Winter. 

A lot has happened, but I'll write more about what our investigators are doing next week! I've got quite a few emails to respond to this week!

I love ya'll and Hopefully my blog/letter next week can be a little longer.  

Elder Dearden

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