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Monday, November 3, 2014

What a Week!

This past week has been crazy! Lots of stuff happened!

1.  I met the reincarnated black Jesus?

So I've ran into this crazy lunatic several times actually, but this time I decided to get a picture of him :D. It is hilarious, he believes he is Christ reincarnated to prepare the world for the last days, he seems to always find us (This time outside of walmart) and then he thanks us for the work we do....haha....that part is awkward....I always refer to him as, "sir"....but I don't know his real name or anything. Anyways, he let us take a picture with him, he says it is worth lots of money...haha, he honestly belives he is God, but oh well, this world has crazy people for a reason right? He hauls this staff around and approaches people and says, "I am he"....awkward.

2. It SNOWED?! 

Ya, this was really weird, we woke up saturday morning and there was snow everywhere....the people here in the south were freakin out! They said it has never snowed this early in the year in over 120 years! So that was a shocker...however by noon it was all gone and it was nice and warm again.
But....ya that was strange!

Our investigators are doing rather well.

We met with Susie again this past week, she loved hearing the message of the restoration. She is so excited to learn more about this church. She came to church again yesterday! She is progressing very fast. She loves the church and she says she wants to be baptised after she receives her own witness! 

Bryan is doing pretty good, we finally were able to have a member teach with us, and they connected really well. Bryan is so cool, I love being with him. I can't wait to see where his progress goes!

Kathy was ill last week, she ended up going to the hospital, we gave her a blessing and did some more service for her throughout the week. I love her too, she has such a sweet spirit and she is a great friend!

I hope all is great back home! 
Thanks for the halloween packages people~! LOVED IT! 
 Elder Dearden

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