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Monday, November 17, 2014

Fruits of our Labors

So this past week I went up to Greenville again and visited the Zone Leaders (I was was transporting some other missionaries who didn't have a car so they could do exchanges with the zone leaders.) Anyways we ate Chinese again with them.

Kathy was so great last week! We had her come over to the Church and we watched, "The testaments". She loved it! She was crying at the end like crazy and she was trying to cover it up, she says, "My allergies are not to well right now"....haha it was fun to see her feel the spirit and to have her testimony grow. She is moving along one step at a time. We have a member in our ward, Sis Foster who fellowships her so well and she has helped Kathy with her Family History. They have gotten a lot done! Kathy wants us to go to the Temple and do her Father's work. She asked me to do that for him. The only problem is we need permission from President Turner to do that. So we're working on getting that permission.

Yesterday at Church was a super successful day for us. We had 3 investigators come to church and one less active return. It was great to see the fruits of our labors. 

Bryan, he came to church and LOVED IT! He announced in Priesthood, "I am loving it here, and everyone can expect to see me here a whole lot more!" He has been making some great friends here in the ward, especially with our Elder's Quorum president, President Manley. Bryan is so awesome and I love seeing him progress! Him and I have become such great friends! Love it!

Marshall Nichols- He is a son of one of the recent converts in our ward. He is 23 years old and we have been working with him for the past 2 weeks. He wants so bad to be baptised. He is going to do everything he can to prepare. He is awesome, he just showed up at church a couple of times and we started talking to him and he says he LOVES the church and is so excited to become a member. So we are going to start working with him this week, on Tuesday we will begin the lessons.

Sis Foster brought a friend to Church! Her name is Tequila, she is so sweet. Sis Foster met her while doing a Family History Seminar- thing. She said she loved church and we are excited to begin working with her too!

We have so many other people we are working with and we love them all! I wish I could tell all ya'll about them! But I ain't got no time! 

The work is going great and I love it!

Love ya'lls

Elder Dearden

.....haha we drove to this random church so I could take a picture of me in the pastors parking stall .

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