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Monday, November 24, 2014

Fantastic Week

Family and Friends!

Last week was a fantastic week!

1st Story:

Bryan, he has grown so close to us and we are best friends now! I hope I can always stay in contact with him, we get along so well! Anyways, he wanted to thank us for all that we have done so he invited us to his home to have dinner. He wanted me to try something I have never tried before....Deer Burgers....I wasn't to found of the idea at first, but he convinced me that I should at least try it. So last thursday we went to his home and we ate the deer burgers. It tasted really good as far as flavor, but the texture...I'm still thinkin on it. But It wasn't bad, I really liked it, it just was different. 
We spent a lot of time with his family, and his wife for the first time sat down with us! She opened up so much and has agreed to take the discussions now! Bryan was so excited to see his wife come around and open up! We are going to talk about Eternal Marriage and how our families can be together forever!
Bryan has been such a blessing in my life!

2nd Story:

We had stake Conference this past weekend. We went to the adult session on saturday night in Greenville, and then realized that we wouldn't make it home until midnight, so we decided to sleep over at the Zone Leaders place, that was a fun night, I love Elder Cook and Elder Lee, they are great examples to me. Elder Cook and I stayed up for a while talking about of families, particularly on the Shaw side, it was fun to learn about our extended families.
Stake Conference was great! The entire theme was centered on Hastening the work! Every talk was about that! It was neat to feel the excitement the members had to further the work here in the Greenville area! 

President Turner talked at the stake conference about how the Church is one Body, and the missionaries are a special part of that body, but every part has a role to play and must function. It was great to hear him talk.

I talked with President afterwards about doing Kathy's father's temple work. President basically gave us the option to decide if we thought it would be effective. But after Counseling with him we came to the ultimate solution that it would be better for her to be baptized first, that way she can be in the temple to witness the baptism. We also discussed how us encouraging her to join the church in order to save her family who have past on could be a catalyst for her to decide to get baptized.

I am meeting with her tonight and will be bold in a loving way to explain that she needs to take these actions herself, and that it will bring many blessings her way if she will accept the invitation to be baptized.

I hope ya'lls week is great, the weather warmed up today! It feels great here now!
Thanksgiving with Kathy should be a blast! I am so excited for that!

Elder Dearden

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