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Monday, October 20, 2014

Hey People

Hey People
This past week was awesome! We taught some great lessons and had some great success! 
We went to Greenville last p-day and had a blast! We went to this waterfall in the middle of the big city. I'll attach some pictures of our adventure in the city.

Bryan: He is doing amazing!!!! We had some great lessons with him and he came to church on sunday! He loved it and wants to come back next week! He is so cool! I really believe that he is someone special! Especially because he gave me a rock! He ain't any normal guy that's for sure! I can see him in my mind as a great preisthood holder someday! He basically already lives the gospel, he has a strong masonic background and really likes that our church heavily reflects the same concepts. I can't wait to have him at church again! 

Kathy: She is as great as ever! We hang with her a lot, she called my mom last week apparently to have a fun conversation! She is so sweet and she is doing a lot with her family history! She has gone back 3 generations and realized she has some Cherokee background! That was a cool discovery!

I'm starting to think I'll be here in greenwood for a while longer...Elder Davis (my trainer who is home now) He says that he heard that they are pushing for 9 month areas to become the norm...so we'll see. 

I love ya'll and I hope your weeks go good! I would write more but I'm a little busy, got lots of emails to reply to.

Elder Dearden

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