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Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Message

reposted from October 13th. (I accidentally deleted it..)

Hey Family and Friends

Life is great out here, Elder Lumpkin and I are having a blast, today we are going up to Greenville to hang with the Zone Ledars for p-day, that should be fun!

Our investigators are doing great:

Kathy: She is still actively involved with Family History, she loves meeting with us and takes us out to eat every week. She is great. She is progressing, but it will be on her own time, which might be a long time....but that's alright, she loves the church and the people and in time she'll receive her testimony!

Brian: He is doing great too, he went to Texas last week to expedite some prisoners, so we didn't get to meet with him much. But He actually gave me some more rocks as gifts, I told him I felt like he was giving me to many gifts, but in a text he responded, 
"Let me throw this one at ya, You said in your travels people have given you tokens like those stone's or some other things you may have received. Those of Gifts. And like those things the messages you guys share can be considered as such. And this is what I mean by that.
Hence the word gift. The message you share is that, a gift, a small token which will eventually lead you to the truth. Take care and have a good night". 
(FYI: he is a freemason, hence the terminology he uses :D)
Obviously Brian understands the meaning behind our message, I think in time he will be able to be baptized, but it may take some time, but I think the spirit has worked with him, especially with the way he sees our "message" as a gift, which to me shows that he understands what we are trying to do.
We have many other great investigators, but I don't have much time to talk about them, maybe next week i'll talk more about them.

Elder Lumpkin is doing great, his message and story of overcoming cancer is so inspiring to our investigators, the spirit rocks their hearts when he tells it! I feel so honored and privileged to serve with him! He is a special soul!
Sorry, no pics this week. I'll send some next week!

I hope ya'll have a great week!

Elder Dearden

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