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Monday, September 8, 2014

The Lord keeps me busy!

Family & Friends-

I'll just update ya'll people on the people we've been teaching!

He is this awesome guy we have been working with for about a month now, he has a great family! They are so kind to us! We watched the restoration video with them last week, and his kids seemed to really like it! Their mother has been reading the Book of Mormon with them, but she wanted a simpler one so that her kids could understand it, so I went to the ward house and sorta stole a Book of Mormon stories book....I Plan to replace it of course, but anything for an investigator :D. I am so exctied for this family! They want to come to church, and they have expressed a desire to be baptized! They text us a lot, so that's good, they seem to really like us, we just hope we can help them to like the people at church! 

Kathy is as awesome as ever! She has been studying a lot about the church and we have been doing some service around her home. We have connected her with a local member here who runs a youth correction school, because Kathy has a PhD in Psychology we thought they might want to meet, and Kathy has actually offered to volunteer at this members school, and if that works out, that will be perfect! She'll have a daily fellow shipper! So anyways, things are great with her. She has to go to North Carolina this week for a medical appointment, she has rods in her back, and she needs them checked on or something so we won't be able to see her this week. 

She is a sweet lady we met last week, we have been teaching her how to pray, we've kept it really simple, but she is doing really good, we are meeting with her again today!

Tim, Ed, and the others are still doing great! Just no major stories with them right now, but they are doing good! 

Last week we had a Zone Conference and that was really fun, I always love getting together with the other missionaries, reminds me that I'm not alone in this jungle of South Carolina!   It's weird to think I only have 1 more week with Elder Davis, he's going home after this transfer! I'm excited to find out who my new companion will be!?

Something kinda funny that people say here, they use triple plurals....they say for example, "Is that all ya'll-es bikes?" It's really funny, they also don't really use the word "does". You may ask them a question like, "Does it make sense to you that we need a modern prophet?" They will respond, "It DO"----they won't say "it does"....It Do. 

Anyways, hope all ya'll'es week has been good! I love it here! The Lord keeps me busy!

Have a blessed week! (they say that a lot too, or, 'praise God, have a blessed week') :D

Elder Dearden

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